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Surrendered Enough?

Ever had trust issues with God? Yes! No! Okay, it maybe so, unknowingly. Amazingly, We are often admonished to trust God totally but most times we trust God in bits and pieces. We usually think God is interested in just some aspects of our lives.

Most often, the area we neglect God is our emotional life. This is not just limited to our choice of a life partner but everything pertaining to emotions – peace, bitterness, forgiveness etc. We seem to think that God may not be interested or too busy giving us life and all other things pertaining to our spiritual growth, financial stability or the academic aspect of our lives.

But hear me somebody! God is interested in all facets of our lives. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been written in the scripture that, “Trust the Lord with all your heart” (Proverbs 3:5a) and “Remember Him in all you do and He will show you the right way” (Proverbs 3:6). Emphasis laid; all you do.

You may have heard about the story of Lot and the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19). We all know how God sent angels to rescue Lot and his family and how his wife turned into salt. We know how Lot’s two daughters slept with their father to get descendants in their names.

Lot’s children forgot about the God who saved them. To them, God was someone who delivered people out of troubles. He wasn’t a matchmaker (They should go and ask Adam 😂). Or maybe they thought God was too busy looking after the world to get them husbands 🤷‍♀️. They didn’t trust the God who saved them to get them a husband🤦🏽‍♀️.


How often do we give a percentage of our lives to God and decide to handle the other percentage on our own ? Only if we would surrender everything to God, then we would see such a marvellous turn around in our lives that we would be amused.

We always sing this song, “I surrender all” and think it is just our heart we have to surrender. Have we surrendered our will, emotions, time, money, (you name it) to God? God only works with the percentage we have surrendered. If we think our life is wonderful with the percentage we have surrendered; then watch God do more when we surrender all to Him.

If only we would surrender all to Him, the song “I surrender all” will have so much impact in our lives. It wouldn’t just be a song for altar calls.

Published by Akosua Kumi Nyarko

Writer, Animal and Nature Lover, Veterinary Medical Student, Foodie, Reader

5 thoughts on “Surrendered Enough?

  1. It’s when we surrender to God that peace and happiness happens. Our first instinct is to react and rely on our own wisdom & strength, & it’s only when it’s bad that we realize we need him after all. Inspiring read. Thanks


  2. Two words cannot be left out in a successful Christian life; trust and obey,and one act sums them up- total surrender to God.


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